Glowbox "World Famous" Custom LED Light Box Poster Frames

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Bring the movies home with Glowbox "World Famous" LED Poster Frames.  Take your posters to the next level and showcase them in the most exciting way; with our top shelf anodized aluminum snap Glowbox’s. Swap out your favorite posters at anytime with ease. Comes assembled & easy to hang up. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us 7 days a week via text if you have any questions on our text line or by phone at (816)213-0826 or (816)710-GLOW (4569) or  
GLOWBOX LLC is based & located in Kansas City, MO, our shop is located at 66 E US HWY 69, Kansas City, MO 64119.  However we ship all across the USA & the world!  At Glowbox we take pride in the fact that we are a local, family-owned & operated business that puts TLC in to each & every one of our "World Famous" LED Light Box Glowbox Poster Frames.  Customer service is what makes us thrive, you will never feel like just a number at Glowbox.
Glowbox's atmosphere blends movies, toys, collectibles & gaming with the 80's & 90's era. Kansas City's only place to get Glowbox "World Famous" Light Box Frames for your favorite posters!  Please be sure to Google us as well, for REVIEWS & customer pictures.
Specializing in supplying premium quality LED Light Box Glowbox Poster Frames to the world, our top-shelf craftsmanship is what sets us apart from our competition.  Vividly bright, brilliant illumination, super sleek, with no "light bleeding" out of the structure, no "hot" or "cold" spots.  Each unit is user-friendly, allowing for quick & easy poster interchange with 4 snap sides. Easily mount them up on your walls.
As the Owner, I've personally mystery shopped around, and the results were staggering, loose wires, poorly crafted structures, hot/cold spots, chipped aluminum, sometimes made of plastic!
 Again, our products are custom-made & Warranty-Backed.  Maintaining 100% Customer Satisfaction Level & aspirations to illuminate the world one home and/or business at a time.
Please check out the REVIEWS on our website as well as going to Google: Glowbox LLC & read this exciting article that we were featured in (when we were previously called LEDPRINTCO)
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Glowbox LED Frames are designed & engineered to the exact specifications of the largest Movie Theater Chains & commercial businesses in the world. Our company has provided "World Famous" LED Light Box Frames to phenomenal homes and businesses all over the world.  A SPECIAL thanks to:
  • Joyner Lucas (Support Joyner's music)
  • Deluxe Entertainment Services Group
  • Arsonal Design
  • Fanucamerica
  • Charter Communications
  • Firehouse 18 Studios
  • River Cinema
  • Gun Media; Friday the 13th
  • WIDZ
  • Epic Games - Fortnite
  • Small World Kids
  • Rehab Bottle Co.
  • Tawas Family Theatre
  • Jack's Barber Shop
  • Integrity Music
  • Candice Prather Interiors
  • Bryd Cookie Company
  • Day One Marketing
  • Pearl Design Interior
  • Nite Light Studios
  • CO Agility Logistics in Italy
  • Paradigm Talent Agency
  • E-Design
  • Kings Gold & Pawn
  • Hooters Casino in Las Vegas
  • Christie's Auction House
  • T-Mobile
  • Steak & Shake (Las Vegas)
  • True Med Spa (True MD LLC)
  • Acura Auto Group
  • PLUS Studios
  • Feature Presentation
  • School of Rock
  • The MET Church
  • Daikaya Restaurant 
  • Stalcup Design Development
  • Photographers, gaming studios, youtube bloggers, Cosplay Models, Comic Book Artists & more!
Glowbox LLC is not limited by any means, we can create your imagination, from business to residential, allow us to help you light up sentimental posters, photo's, graphics, nostalgia, pop-culture & more.  Incorporate top-shelf illuminating elements in to your businesses and homes now with Glowbox.  Illuminate your imagination & "Think outside of the box".
LED Glowbox Poster Frames
  • Please be sure to specify in the "CUSTOMER NOTES SECTION" where you want the cord to come out of; standard bottom left edge or out of the back of the unit. *if you fail to provide this information, we will contact you, and your order may take more time to process. 
  • Any size (Most popular size is our 27x40"), any dimension, lights up multiple types of mediums
  • Most folks go with our 27x40 Black Glowbox.  We DO NOT supply the poster. So please be sure to search and shop for 27x40 Double Sided Movie Posters.  The movie studios created Double Sided (DS) posters for Light Box's.  They have an extra layer of ink, when illuminated the colors look more brilliant.  However, some folks enjoy Single Sided (SS) posters as well.  Our units will light up Single Sided or Double Sided paper prints, film prints, photo paper, lenticular and more.
  • Perfect for Home Theaters, Man-Caves, Media Rooms, Bedrooms, Bars, Businesses, Major Theaters, Casinos, Convention Centers, Gallery's, Weddings, Photography, Sporting Events
  • Super slim & sleek – Only 0.96'' in depth (under an inch)
  • Top quality smooth Anodized Aluminum Everlasting Frame Structure – 30% recycled materials - the finish on the visible border portion of your frame is immaculate - check out the color swatch image for finishes available
  • Quality Craftsmanship – light will not escape through the edges of your frame, as it does in cheaply made products
  • Quick Poster Changes – pull/snap each of the 4 snap-sides to easily open for easy removal/insert of poster
  • LED illumination evenly distributes vibrantly across our top-notch acrylic panels – no hot or cold spots - 6500K
  • Use there component to make your Glowbox wirelessly dim and power off & on: Amazon smart plug: Amazon Smart Plug: for home automation, Works with Alexa- A Certified for Humans Device --------- RF Mini Wireless Remote Controller: Single Color 3528 5050 LED Strip Lights, Wireless Remote Control with DC Connector, RF Dimmer for 12V DC LED Ribbon, Shelf Lights ----------- Remote Adapter: 8-in-1 Universal DC Plugs 5.5mm x 2.1mm Female to Male Power Supply Adapter Jack Connector Tips for Laptop
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction – we turn fantasy in to a reality with our Light Boxes & never disappoint. A must for anyone that's nostalgic or movie-minded
  • Zero return rate
  • Best Customer Service - it's our job to cater to each and every potential customer.  Call, text or email us anytime. You will most likely get the Owner on the phone.  No long waits or prompts. (816)213-0826 (Alternate number, (816)710-GLOW (4569)).  Call or TEXT 7 days a week.
    Commercial Business
    • Glowbox can help with any commercial projects as well. Let us know what size you need and we will expediently send you a free quote. 
    • Any size up to 57.25 x 117.25'' LED Frames– perfect way to attract more customers.  Think big, any project that you can image, we will bring it to light.  Professional illumination, USA Craftsmanship and 100% Customer Satisfaction level has been maintained since day one.
    • Multiple frame color choices.  Please see color swatch image under any of our LED Frame products.
      AAA Customer Service
      • Contact the Glowbox Team now, we are here to fully assist you & provide you with the best quality Light Boxes in the world. 24/7, 365 days a year. You can also schedule an appointment where we will cover options & questions you may have for your projects.  Thank you for all of your support and to all of our previous customers, thank you so much for sharing images of your Glowbox's featured in all of your lovely projects!
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      "Our customers are what makes Glowbox, we are nothing without you, you are the single most important dynamic of our business."  
      *Due to Covid custom lead time is between 7 and 10 business days, Fedex is taking around 3-5 business days for shipping but rest assured for we will get your unit(s) produced and provide you with tracking number ASAP.
      Please be aware that due to the country-wide material and labor shortages, there may be delays in meeting delivery times.  Rest assured, for we are doing everything we can to avoid the delays.

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