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Remember that with our "World Famous" LED Light Box Frames you can easily interchange your poster or graphic at any time. This allows the customer to truly showcase their collection, showcase photography, sports action shots, showcase promotions & more.

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The history of the ONE-SHEET Movie Poster:

The most widely used movie art is the one sheet. Up until approximately 1984, the one sheet measured 27x41" (normally with a border). Since the mid 80's, some one-sheets measure 27x40" (normally without a border). They are normally printed on paper & displayed in a marquee case or Glowbox.

Since it is the center of the advertising movie paper, some studios offer many versions of the one sheet for a particular movie. These include; advance, award, combo, lenticular, military, mylar, premiere, rename, review or styles.


The one sheet was introduced and standardized in 1909 by Thomas Edison's Motion Picture Patents Company. The One-Sheet measured 27x41" and was printed by a select group of lithographers. It was first printed via a stone lithography process which offered beautiful soft tones. With the loss of stone quarries during WWI, lithographers substituted lime stone, which didn't produce the soft tones of stone. By the 30's, offset printing was introduced and movie posters began to take the look of the times.

By the mid 70's paper changed and the move poster went from a cheaper grade paper to one that was clay coated, giving a glossy, shiny finish to the poster. Posters on the clay coated paper have a smooth feel to the touch while non-clay coated paper has a coarser feel.

The sheet is still widely used by movie studios in their advertising campaigns. While some 27x41" size one-sheets are still being issued, the trend appears to be to downsize it to 27x40", eliminating the white borders. By setting the size at 27x40", the artwork can cover the poster from edge to edge.

There is also an increase in the number of posters being released with reverse print on the back side. The is know as double sided printing. While they are more expensive to print, they can be displayed in light boxes, which gives them a three-dimensional effect, fully showcasing the poster's color brilliance.


  • The one-sheet is still the most sought after size & style of movie art among collectors. It is the centerpiece of the movie paper industry, and normally commands the highest dollar in relation to other sizes and styles.
  • The most popular posters to light up in your Glowbox are 27x40 DS Movie Posters, search that term in ebay, amazon, our partner:
  • You can also find other options for 27x40 DS Movie Posters online; ebay, amazon, etc.
  • You can stack two 27x40 single sided (SS) posters on top of eachother as well if you can't find what you're looking for in DS format.

Quality Backlit Film, Vibrant Inks

  • At Glowbox we can also provide you with "Backlit" Prints.  You just need the high resolution file (please see the chart below) Another awesome medium to place in your new LED Light Box Frames.  If you are in need of a print for your LED Frame, we have the ability to take your high resolution file(s) & print them to any size on our LED Frame translucent graphic medium.
  • We use HP's premium backlit film - a thick, durable film with medium rigidity - along with HP Latex inks to deliver outstanding vibrance and durability in a single package.
  • Ideal for airport signage, mall signage, retail signage, lit menu boards, movie posters and any other backlit application.
  • Film has white diffuser backing to help distribute light evenly throughout print.
  • Available in any size, up to 60" x 120"

Get Your Print Any Size You Need

Custom sizes, no extra charge! We ship backlit film prints up to 60" x 120" (5' x 10') in size - and any size up to that. Specify your size in 1/2" increments.
  • Business Graphics
  • Menu's
  • Sports pictures
  • Wedding pictures
  • Baby pictures
  • Custom Business Advertisement Graphics
  • Photography
  • Digital art media
  • Graphics
  • Promotional graphics

Will My Image Work?

16" x 20" 1600+ x 2000+ pixels 2400+ x 3000+ pixels 3200+ x 4000+ pixels
18" x 24" 1800+ x 2400+ pixels 2700+ x 3600+ pixels 3600+ x 4800+ pixels
20" x 24" 2000+ x 2400+ pixels 3000+ x 3600+ pixels 4000+ x 4800+ pixels
20" x 30" 2000+ x 3000+ pixels 3000+ x 4500+ pixels 4000+ x 6000+ pixels
22" x 28" 2200+ x 2800+ pixels 3300+ x 4200+ pixels 4400+ x 5600+ pixels
24" x 32" 2400+ x 3200+ pixels 3600+ x 4800+ pixels 4800+ x 6400+ pixels
24" x 36" 2400+ x 3600+ pixels 3600+ x 5400+ pixels 4800+ x 7200+ pixels
30" x 40" 3000+ x 4000+ pixels 4500+ x 6000+ pixels 6000+ x 8000+ pixels
30" x 45" 3000+ x 4500+ pixels 4500+ x 6750+ pixels 6000+ x 9000+ pixels
32" x 40" 3200+ x 4000+ pixels 4800+ x 6000+ pixels 6400+ x 8000+ pixels
36" x 48" 3600+ x 4800+ pixels 5400+ x 7200+ pixels 7200+ x 9600+ pixels
36" x 54" 3600+ x 5400+ pixels 5400+ x 8100+ pixels 7200+ x 10800+ pixels

Preparing Your Files for Print

We do not recommend the economy poster option for printing of photographs. 
  • Economy posters always include about a 1/4" white margin around the edge of the print. Any borders included in your image will be printed in addition to this default margin. 
  • • Don't leave transparencies where you want white background - fill them with white. Our image processor sees transparency on the edges of a PDF file as margin to crop out, and can reduce the printed area of your image as a result.
  • DO choose to "embed fonts" when you save out your print ready file - otherwise we may not have the font you used, and our system will replace it with a generic font that you probably won't like.
Make all color adjustments before uploading your file. We do NOT adjust color - we assume you have the color the way you want it in your image. We also do not reprint on color alone.



If you have a large file (2000 x 2000 pixels and up) please send them to us via to