Posters & Electrical Set-up Help

Remember that with our "World Famous" LED Light Box Frames you can easily interchange your poster or graphic at any time.  

For double sided movie posters please check out on of our tremendous partners:

When you check out please use Promo Code #GLOW10 for savings!  If you have any questions about posters, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Please let them know that Glowbox LLC sent you!  Again we do recommend double-sided movie posters for our LED Light Box Frames, however, there are folks that do prefer single sided posters.  These are normal paper posters.

At Glowbox we can also provide you with Backlit Prints.  You just need the high resolution file (at least 2000 pixels by 2000 pixels and 120 DPI and up) Another awesome medium to place in your new LED Light Box Frames.  If you are in need of a print for your LED Frame, we have the ability to take your high resolution file(s) & print them to any size on our LED Frame translucent graphic medium.

  • Business Graphics
  • Menu's
  • Sports pictures
  • Wedding pictures
  • Baby pictures
  • Custom Business Advertisement Graphics
  • Photography
  • Digital art media
  • Graphics
  • Promotional graphics

24x36: $60

27x40: $65

27x41: $70

If you have a large file (2000 x 2000 pixels and up) please send them to us via to 

Electrical Set-Up's:

Recessed Set-up: Hey Glowbox, I started by having my electrician come in to run 2 recessed electrical boxes that were big enough to store the adapter transformers. Biggest advice I can offer is to be sure to measure to ensure that the power cord can fit directly behind the frame once hung. Recessed electrical boxes: Home Depot:


Floating Set-Up:  Michael set up for floating: The boards are  2x2's from Home Depot cut down the lengths to exactly the frame width then cut a 45 degree chamfer leaving about half an inch of the 90 degree cut so the frame screws had enough to bite into. The chamfer helps the backlight from being blocked in too much. I did all the cuts on a standard chop saw. “I have them on WiFi switches so you can control poster and backlight through Alexa.

Backlit led:

Extension cord (This makes it so everything can stay flush to the wall ( within and inch and a half) the prongs also rotate for better cord management.)

In wall Smart plug: