Turn pictures in to Backlit Posters

Glowbox LLC - where you imagination comes alive  

  • Send high resolution files to us and we will optimize & make a backlit poster print for you via www.wetransfer.com 
  • Great for family portraits, baby pictures, wedding pictures, sports pictures and so much more.
  • Prints for our LED Poster Frames or our Snap Frames.
  • Choose from multiple color frame borders.
  • Make them any size to match your Glowbox.
  • It's important to start with a large sized file. Around 2000 pixels and up.
  • Solid black prints may show ink jet lines when print is illuminated.
  • Print will not be loaded with your Glowbox or Snap Frame. You will be given a separate tracking number for your Backlit print.
  • Please consider file's ratio. For we don't want to distort the ratio and change how your print looks.